Hi All👋,

As always it's an absolute pleasure for us to let you know what our team has been working on to make your experience on PitchPrint even better.

What's new🚀,

Black & White Image Operation - We added Black & White as an option in our image operation list. This allows you to convert an uploaded image into black and white. Please have a look at the image upload operations we currently support below:

To enable the image operation feature please go to desired design >> click on the gear icon as shown below:

Scroll down to Uploaded Image Operations and Select the desired feature from the drop down:

Once you've done this please save your selection to apply the change to your design.

Wordpress Plugin Update - We tested and released the latest update for Wordpress 6.2 as well as the latest version of Woocommerce 7.5.1 . The update will allow you to update your Wordpress OR Woocommerce platforms without having to worry about compatibility issues with PitchPrint.

New Backgrounds and Pictures -  We added the following categories to the backgrounds Abstract Images, Background Images and Texture. We added some Picture categories as well namely Cute Beach, Nautical, Doodles

These are just a few of the new resources we added, please refer to the list below for a list of all the resources we've added:

Well that's it for this week folks, have a lovely PassOver weekend with your family 🙂from the PitchPrint team!😊