Hi AllπŸ‘‹,

We are absolutely ecstatic to share what our team has been working on to make your experience at PitchPrint the best possible.

What's newπŸš€,

Save for Later on Shopify - We've added this amazing save for later feature on the #Shopify Platform. All Shopify users can now make use of this amazing feature by simply enabling it inside the settings section.

Please use the toggle switch to enable this feature and save your changes.
Please clear your cache to see the save for later button inside the editor on the front end.
Please note that the div inside the customer account section will differ per theme so if you are unable to see the section shown below please contact support@pitchprint.com and we will gladly assist.

Remove Background - We've also added this amazing new feature which will allow your customers to remove the background from an image. Please be advised that this feature is in BETA Phase and we are in the process of training the AI but the feature will gradually improve over time when more sample images are uploaded. To enable this amazing feature please follow the steps below:

Go to https://admin.pitchprint.com/layouts, reload layouts.
Click on this button to reload layouts.
Go to https://admin.pitchprint.com/styling, resave styling. You should then see the button shown below inside the editor:
Click on this button to re-save styling.

Please send us your valuable feedback so we can continue adding functionality and keep refining object detection and recognition to make this feature even better!

Tooltips in Module Configuration - Lastly, we've also added tooltips to the module configuration help button inside design configuration. This will assist Admins learn a bit more about all our Modules in detail. You can see the tool tip by hovering over the help icon. Please have a look at the screenshot below for reference:

Please hover over each help button to see the explanation for each module

We also fixed the following bugs:

Text tab could not be selected as default tab - By default, we provide the option for an Admin to select a default tab that will be shown for each design when it loads in the designer.

We had an issue with the text tab when a user selected it as the default tab. It would not load as the default but instead the background tab would be displayed. We have fixed this issue and the tab will now be displayed correctly as the default option. Please have a look at the image below for reference:

This can be found inside design configuration

That's a wrap for this week but please do check our new Tutorial Videos on the admin panel by opening the following tab https://admin.pitchprint.com/videos. We've added quite a few how to videos to assist all of our valuable customers on how to manoeuvre around our platform, covering all the from settings to creating designs and easily watch at your convenience. We'll add more videos in the weeks to come covering topics such as Modules etc. with practical examples, so please keep an eye out!

Have a lovely weekend from the PitchPrint Team!😊