Hi All👋,

It's good to be back! We've been busy with so much and we can't wait to share the exciting news with you.

What's new🚀

Bulk Upload -  We've added a bulk upload feature so you can now upload files like images, backgrounds etc. in bulk with just a click of a button.

Checkout our recent bug fixes below:

Data Form Module Disappears - When a design was duplicated and re-edited, the data form module would disappear inside the duplicated and modified version of the design. This is no longer the case.

Upload Button Disappears - On certain devices such as mobile phones and tablets etc. The upload button would disappear or shrink due to smaller display screen. We have now fixed this issue as well.

We have also made some minor updates on the following:

Updated the Client JS Files for Prestashop - This aforementioned issue caused the add to cart button to show when customers updated the quantity and even when they selected certain variations of the product. It also preempted customers to add to cart prematurely without customising their orders first. We've fixed this minor glitch and the add to cart button will now only show after your valued customer has submitted their customised design inside the editor.

Pitchprint Warning on Wordpress - We've also resolved the warning that displayed due to Woocommerce latest version 5 update.

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Stayed tuned and we'll be back next week with some more bug fixes and features.