Hi allπŸ‘‹,

It's always a pleasure to keep you up to date on what our team has been working on to make your experience with PitchPrint better with every passing day.

What's newπŸš€,

Back to Collection - We added the back to collection button from the Photo Print Module to the language file. Please have a look on the screenshot below for reference:

Now onto our weekly bug fixes:

Quicksand Font Issue - The Quicksand font was not rendering properly when downloading a PDF, the text would have big spaces in between. We have gone ahead and fixed this issue and the font is now rendering correctly.

Cyrillic Font Issue - We also had an issue where Cyrillic text would not render fonts correctly as well. Upon adding the text to the canvas, it wouldn't use the selected font at first try but would instead use the default one "Arial". This issue is now fixed and the correct font loads immediately when added to the canvas.

Clear Design button on Prestashop - The clear design button had a minor glitch on Prestashop. We have gone ahead and fixed this issue as well.

That's it for our weekly bug fixes...

Happy Holidays πŸŽ„πŸŽ… πŸŽ‰

It's been a wonderful year for us and much thanks to you all for your unwavering support, patience and trust not only in our product but team as well. We are currently on our annual team recess holiday break as of 15th of December but worry not, we do have a skeletal support in place for critical issues so you can still reach us via our regular support channels and we will gladly assist as always 😊

The PitchPrint Team wishes you all a merry Christmas & a wonderful 2022 ahead!