Hi everyone πŸ‘‹

A few weeks back, we received a request from a client that needed to use PitchPrint on their Kiosk that allows visitors to quickly order photo prints from their public-facing machine. The Kiosk stand obviously runs our app but has a limitation; It being in the public space means users have to find a way to get their photos unto the machine. They didn't want to use USB connectors as that can propagate viruses and other device malware.

So they filed in a request with us for a QR Code feature that will allow users scan a QR Code on the app and from there upload their Photos. So we thought about it being useful even beyond kiosk machines.

While the PC strikes a chunk of online commerce, most of us today, have more Photos on our mobile devices than on our computers and it's always a pain transferring files between devices.

This feature aims to remove that pain-point by displaying a QR Code that users can scan with their mobile devices, which loads a page that allows them to upload Photos straight into their PitchPrint project without the hassles of cable connection or cloud file transfer between file service providers. It's that simple and seamless. SCAN, UPLOAD & USE πŸ‘Œ

You can test it here in our demo page: https://wp.demo.pitchprint.io/product/photo-prints/

  1. Navigate to the Upload Tab:
Upload Gallery

2. Clicking the PHONE Icon displays the QR Code Panel:

QR Code to start Upload

Scan the QR Code with your Phone and open the URL on your Phone.

This shows a button that allows you to Add Photos for upload. Selecting your Photos automatically starts the upload, which progress is synced between both devices using a single, secure persistent socket connection.

Photo Upload Progress

Once the Upload completes and the images are processed, they are displayed in the Upload section of the PitchPrint app and are ready for use. Photos can be taken with Camera or from the Phone's file system.

We do have many more updates in the new version as well as the Admin panel and we'll give a more detailed and comprehensive release note in the coming weeks.

Thanks and do have a beautiful, bright year ahead.