• Issue with anchored texts - We fixed issue whereby text elements that have vertical anchors (middle or bottom) were moving position when zooming.
  • Issue with Image Crop - We fixed issue with cropped images not being cropped in the final PDF render on distiller 1
  • Text Art Export in v10 - Admin can now export Text Arts in v10 while designing. The icon is a box that appears on the top menu list 📦
  • Custom Color in v10 - Users and admin can now type in custom Hex or CMYK color values while designing. It's available by default in Admin but you need to enable it in the settings page for your store as well as re-save your styling.
  • Use of SVG as Foreground - SVG files can now be used as Foreground image with transparencies.
  • Bleed Outside - Prior to this option, bleed is a part of the final PDF dimension. As such, a 100 x 100cm page with 2cm bleed will output a 98 x 98cm file with 2cm bleed.
    Toggling this option to true will give you 102 x 102cm as is expected by many print platforms. In order not to break existing stores, we disabled it by default in settings, and will only affect new designs going forward, if enbaled.