Hi Everyone 😊, our app has been released on the BigCommerce App Store and can be installed right away.

BigCommerce is a robust eCommerce platform designed for scale and performance. It powers some of the big names in Apparels, Manufacturing, Automotive, Print and many other industries.

Installation is a breeze and we have written a brief to assist you in getting started: https://docs.pitchprint.com/article/132-how-to-install-pitchprint-on-bigcommerce

Release Notes

  1. Remix Module Fix - We have fixed some issues with the Remix module where it doesn't reload pictures after the first shuffle.
  2. Copy Pasting Grouped Items - A bug where grouped items when copied, have formating references to their parents have been fixed.
  3. Canvas Adjuster Module - CA Module can now capture preset values from the input field. This means you can now provide CA preset values in your Product Page only and PitchPrint will capture the width and heights from your Product Page.
  4. Solid Region Activation - We added a setting that lets you determine, if clicking on a transparent area of an image can select it or not.
  5. Clone Project Previews - We did fix an issue where cloning the project only replicates the first preview image. Now all previews are cloned appropriately.

Thanks and stay safe guys!