Hello everyone,

We've developed two additional modules for Photo Prints but rather than spin them up separately, we opted to bundle them into the existing Photo Print module as modes.

So, in your Photo Print Module configuration, you will find "Modes" as the first option.

The default mode is named Photo with Paper Type, which is what we had initially. We newly added Bulk Photo Prints and Vintage Photo Prints.

Bulk Photo Prints is targeted at a customer that wants to order multiple copies of their photos and in different sizes. Upon adding the photo, clicking a plus or minus against each dimension updates the quantity of that dimension.

Bulk ordering configuration panel

You can try out our sample here

Vintage Photo Print mode allows customers to order their prints with retro borders, caption and colorful backgrounds which are created as design pages in the admin.

Vintage Photo Print

You can try out our demo here

Both new modes allows customers to do basic photo edits like photo Filters, Repositioning and Rotation.

To utilize these new modes, you will need to update your domain Layout to our latest and Save your Styling to generate a new CSS file. Clicking on the link takes you to the admin page to effect this.

Particularly for Vintage Photo Prints, a few design rules need to be adhered to, in order for our scripts to effectively target your text caption and replacement photo. You can read about these rules here

Other updates..

  • Hooks in V10 - We did add Item Hooks to v10. Hooks Sample
  • Greyscale Upload - The bug is fixed where greyscale uploads do not convert
  • Horizontal Fold Lines - Horizontal fold lines now show reflect in admin
  • Float Panels in Mobile - On mobile devices, float panels sometime block the submit button. We did fix this issue by hiding any floating panel while in preview mode.

Thanks to you all. Keep safe 😷