Hi all 👋,

As always we're excited to keep you up to date with what our team has been working on to make your experience with PitchPrint even better.

What's new🚀

Design ID in design configuration - In the past, our customers had to use php code to fetch a unique design ID for each design within a design category. We've now added this amazing new feature that allows admin users to view each unique design ID inside the design configuration section. You can follow these easy steps below in order to view a design ID:

Click on design configuration
Go to the history tab >> the design ID can be found inside the history tab as shown in the image

Recenter artwork button - When a customer would zoom in on a design to an extent whereby the canvas becomes clipped, in order to recenter the canvas they would either have to refresh the design page or alternatively, try and zoom out manually which would still not aid in putting the canvas to its default position. We have found a quick solution with this incredible feature which now allows not only the customers but the admin users as well the ability to recenter the canvas with just a click of a button. Please see below image for reference:

The reload/recenter button will allow customers as well as admins to recenter the canvas.

Now onto our weekly bug fixes:

Issue with Dawn Theme on Shopify - We had an issue whereby the project Id was not being attached to the order on the Shopify platform specifically on the dawn theme. Usually our PitchPrint methodologies would be to look for the form and injects the code for the product option into the form itself. In this case, there were two forms in this particular theme and the code was being inserted into the incorrect form thus the project ID was not being included in the order details. We have gone ahead and fixed this issue by removing the second field and the project ID now gets attached to the order correctly.

That's it for this week but please do check our PitchPrint Community Forum where we are running a teaching series on our amazing product features, unearthing some of our product hidden gems etc. so that our customers get the best value for their subscription.

Have a productive and lovely week, from the PitchPrint team!😊