Hi All👋,

It's always an absolute pleasure for us to keep you up to date with what our team has been working on to make your experience at PitchPrint an even better one.

What's new🚀,

Delete button in Data Form Module - In the past our customers had to manually delete data from inside the data form. We added this wonderful feature which will now give you the ability to clear the field contents with the click of a button. To use the feature go to layouts and Reload Latest >> also go to styling and save changes. Once you've completed these steps go to your product page. Clear cache and reload then open the Pitchprint editor the button should then be visible.

The red button will allow you to clear the form field

3D Models Matte or Glossy - In the past some of our customers had issues with the 3D models sometimes looking too dull and not realistic enough. We've added this amazing new feature which will allow you to set a model to be either glossy or matte. Glossy would assist in making models like cups, bowls, packaging jar, wine bottle, travel mug, ceramic vase, mentos etc appear to look a bit more realistic. Matte would apply to apparel, furniture, and boxes in the packaging category etc.

We also provide you the option of using a combination of both on your models but this would be purely based on personal preference.

We implemented up to 5 sliders which allows you to select which portion of the model should be Matte and which portion should be Glossy. The number of sliders you will see in the configuration will depend on the number of meshes that is applied to a model, each mesh will then have it's own slider which you can use to apply the glossy/matte effect.

When sliding to the left it will give a gloss finish, when sliding to the right it will give a matte finish

Limit the number of Files that can be uploaded - We placed a limit on the number of files that can be uploaded in one go. The maximum number of files the customer can upload all at once is now 12. We added this limitation because when the end user uploaded more than 12 files the application and the browser would slow down tremendously and only resume back to normal after the upload completed.

This will now ensure that there are no more lags in the application as well as the browser during file uploads. If the customer wishes to upload more they can wait until the upload has finished and then upload the next batch of files.

That's it for this week but please do check our PitchPrint Community Forum where we are running a teaching series on our amazing product features, unearthing some of our product hidden gems etc. so that our customers get the best value for their subscription.

Enjoy the rest of your week from the PitchPrint team😊