Hi allπŸ‘‹,

As always it's an absolute pleasure to keep you up to date with what our team has been working on to make your experience at PitchPrint even better.

What's newπŸš€,

Grommets - We added an amazing feature that will allow you to make use of Grommets, a reinforcement hole to protect or insulate a rope or cable passed through it. This awesome new feature will allow you to add holes to the canvas either horizontally or vertically, a perfect way of preventing the design material from tearing or abrasion. This will also provide a hassle-free installation for all your signage products i.e. vinyl banners, teardrop flags, posters, canvas banners, plastic signs and even apparel too.

Grommets can be added to the canvas by adding a tag to the page with your dimensions. Your tag would be written as follows - Grommet: 2(The Horizontal Value) x 2(The Vertical Value). Please have a look below for reference:

Go to Page
Scroll down and enter the tag as shown above
Please note for Horizontal values any value can be added as for Vertical only 1 OR 2 may be used. Please note that any changes made to the top of the page will be automatically added to the bottom as well.

Please have a look at the changes below for reference:

Now onto our weekly bug fixes:

Show/Hide Tabs in Admin - We had an issue with Show/Hide tabs in the Admin (please refer to the image below for reference). When these tabs were enabled in a single design configuration settings, the changes would be enabled on all designs across the domain. We have fixed this issue and it will now show and apply only on the design where the setting is enabled.

Issue with Bulk Configuration and 3D models - We had an issue with bulk configuration and 3D models. When the admin would edit the bulk configuration(please have a look below for reference) settings for a category. The 3D models assigned to each design would changed. We fixed this issue and the bulk configuration will no longer affect the 3D models assigned to each design

That's it for this week but please do check our PitchPrint Community Forum where we are running a teaching series on our amazing product features, unearthing some of our product hidden gems etc. so that our customers get the best value for their subscription.

An important note, we will no longer be publishing our blog release notes on a weekly basis due to the PitchPrint team gearing up for our new version coming your way soon. We will aim to release new features and any bug fix updates on a bi-weekly basis so as to maintain the standard of what our valuable customers have been accustomed to 😊.

Wishing you a lovely week from the PitchPrint Team!😊