Hi allπŸ‘‹,

Hope you guys are keeping safe during these trying times.

Last week we fixed the following issues:

Prestashop 1.77 - We updated our plugin for Prestashop version 1.77 so any issues related to the plugin being outdated should now be solved.

Prestashop customisation_ID - Our plugin was not returning the JSON code for the customisation_ID correctly, we fixed the issue and it now retrieves the customization_id properly.

What's newπŸš€

Minimum Font Size - This feature allows you to set a minimum font size per design. To achieve this, please use the following tags: min-font-size:20,disable-text-anchors. Insert these tags into the tags section of your design configuration.

The first tag min-font-size:20 configures the app to not go lower than 20points font size and you can change this to any value you prefer.

However, this does not limit scaling which also affects the font size. So, we added another tag: disable-text-anchor to force users to only use the font size control to adjust font size, which stops at the specified minimum.
So, you will need a combination of these two tags to achieve this.

We also have two new cart frameworks coming your way.

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That's it for this week! Please stay safe and healthy and we'll see you next week with more exciting news and bug fixes.