Hey Folks,

We have just released Spark, a Print API that allows you to generate print-ready PDF files from a single design template without going into the designer.

This system is designed for creating print files on the fly, replacing texts and images per copy. For your customers that are too busy to edit designs, you simply get their details and send to Spark.

Use cases

  1. Estate or Property Agents who need to print their business cards, create flyers, house for sale/rent signages etc. They can simply post in the details and have Spark create the design files for you from a chosen template.
  2. Direct Marketing mails can be generated dynamically without having your customers edit designs. With a proper set up, you can have them pick their designs, upload the name records of their target audience and have Spark generate the PDF file for each target.
  3. Busy Party planners can send in the event details and have Spark generate that perfect looking print-ready file for them.
  4. Corporate Gift Items. Your customer has a company of over a thousand workers and you will like to personalize that awesome T-Shirt with each employee's name? No problem. Send the JSON record of each employee, pick a design template and Spark will generate a crisp, print ready file with each employee's record. You can even print their unique photos.
  5. And many more you can imagine.

Head over to our documentation page to find out how to implement this API: Spark - PitchPrint Wiki

Should you require any additional information or have a suggestion to make, don't hesitate to reach out to us: support@pitchprint.com or hit us a DM on twitter