Hi AllπŸ‘‹,

As always we're excited to keep you up to date with what our team has been working on to make your experience on PitchPrint even better.

Well this week we zoomed in on those existing pain points to try and troubleshoot those bugs as much as possible.

Here are some of the bugs we have fixed thus far:

Image Search Issue - When an image was searched for by name and there was a typing error on the search box, the search results would not yield the image you were looking for even if you corrected the typo thereafter on the search box. The entire word had to be removed and retyped for the image search function to work properly. We have now fixed this cumbersome issue and if any errors are made you can now simply remove those typos and adjust the text correctly rather than having to remove it altogether and retyping it all over again.

Clone Project Runtime API - Whenever our customers tried to clone projects via an API they would run into an error message. We have addressed this issue and you can now clone projects using the API without any hassles.

Safari Scroll Issue - We also had an issue where admin users couldn't scroll all the way to the bottom of their designs/projects when using Safari. This particular browser issue is now a thing of the past and you should be able to scroll through all your designs and projects. Please note although you can use any browser for PitchPrint admin we Highly recommend Google Chrome. Please have a quick look at our compatibility document for reference: https://docs.pitchprint.com/article/110-browser-compatibility

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Your feedback is always highly appreciated and valued.πŸ™‚

Continue being glued to our blog for some more exciting news about new features and bug fixes. Have a lovely week!