Hi all👋,

As always it makes us happy to inform you what our team has been working on to make your experience at PitchPrint an even better one.

What's new🚀,

Unique Upload File Names - Some of our customers on Wordpress had issues with uploading files via the upload button on the product page. When a customer uploaded files and a similar file name already existed on the server, the new files that share the same name would then replace the older ones on the server as with most softwares. We have now created the flexibility to be able to upload all files irrespective of the name and each file will now receive a unique name as a distinguisher.

Here are some bug fixes for the week:

Customisation Required on Wix - We worked on the customisation issue on Wix and made some adjustments which preempts and encourages your customers to use the editor and be able to customise their products to their heart's desires, complete a design and click submit before they can add the product to the cart. This issue is now a thing of the past.

Wix Products in Admin - We had a number of our Wix customers experiencing issues with loading their products on the admin. This issue is triggered when a customer uninstalls and reinstalls PitchPrint again whilst Wix token generation workflow frequently refreshes token rendering the previous token no longer valid hence the product links didn't work properly and not able to fetch the Website products. This issue has now been resolved.

Customise button not showing on Wix - We had a few of our Wix customers experiencing an issue with the customise button not showing on the product even though a design has been assigned to the product. This was due to Wix not allowing trial users to load 3rd party scripts and subsequently stopped PitchPrint from running. Another contributing factor to the aforementioned issue was due to our customers having a Wix license but the purchased domain no being connected to the site hence PitchPrint was not showing.

Please note all Wix customers ensure that you've subscribed to a paid Wix plan and that you've connected your paid domain to your website.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at support@pitchprint.com if you are experiencing any issue with our editor or just need some guidance on manoeuvring around our platform.

As always, your reviews of our product matter and we are even offering a $25 voucher to spend as you wish as a token of our appreciation for the time taken to write your valuable feedback.  If you have a moment to spare, use the link below: https://www.capterra.co.za/software/180523/pitchprint#reviews

That's it for this week, we'll be back next week with some exciting new features and bug fixes. Enjoy the rest of your week!