Hi all👋,

It's always a pleasure to keep you up to date on what our team has been working on to make your experience with PitchPrint the best there is.

What's new🚀,

Inline Display on Wix - We added inline display mode for Wix customers in addition to the full window display mode. We are working diligently on adding the option of a mini display, this option will be available soon!

Order Completed Webhook on Wix - We added the order completed webhook on Wix. Previously, only two status options were showing, it was either unpaid or paid unlike other frameworks that also have order completed, processing, on hold, cancelled failed, refunded etc. As per our workflow, we normally use the order completed status of an order to fulfil a webhook but since this information isn't available on the platform, we have opted for the order paid status as a trigger to fulfil the order completed webhook.

We also fixed the following:

Observables Module - We fixed an issue with the observables module, in the past our users would still have to select from the variants even when sometimes there was only one variant available. We fixed this issue where the module will now detect if there's one variant available and it will use this to choose a design and open the editor with that design.

A few of our customers have experienced some issues with incorrect colors appearing in the PDF. PitchPrint uses CMYK values for the PDF File and RGB values for onscreen display and each color has an RGB and CMYK value section please refer  to the image below, an incorrect CMYK value was provided or the field was left empty leading the PDF to be rendered using default color white. When creating a color please ensure that the color contains the correct RGB and CMYK value to avoid this issue.

You can read more about colors here. Please feel free to reach out to us at support@pitchprint.com if you have have questions or need assistance with anything.

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See you next week for some more exciting feature updates and bug fixes. Have an awesome week!