Hi allπŸ‘‹,

As always it's an absolute pleasure for us to inform you what our team has been working on to make your experience on PitchPrint even better.

What's newπŸš€,

EKM product preview - We've added this amazing feature for our EKM customers which allows their end users to preview their PitchPrint customized image instead of the default product page image. We're still fairly new on the EKM platform so please keep your eyes peeled to our blog for our bi-weekly releases in respective of additional functionalities that will be gradually added on EKM.

QR code chain elements with tags - We've also added this amazing feature which allows you to chain text elements on the canvas to the QR code using tags. The text elements need to have the exact same tag as the QR code which you wish to add. To set the tag click on the element >> Go to item

Add the tag in the tag section

Please note that the tag needs to be the same across all the elements in order to link them to the QR.

You can add any tag this is just an example 

Once the tag is added, the elements will then be linked to the QR and when these elements are updated on the design, the QR code will be automatically updated as well.

We also fixed the following bugs:

Navigation thumbnail update - We had a minor issue whereby the design navigation thumbnails did not update when editing a design. The issue would crop up when a customer submits a design and then re-edits it again to make any additional changes to it, the thumbnails would not update to reflect the new changes made by the customer. We have fixed this issue and the thumbnails will now update accordingly. Please refer to the image below for the navigation thumbnails:

Well that's it for this week but do check our new Tutorial Videos on the admin panel by opening the following tab https://admin.pitchprint.com/videos. We've added quite a few how to videos and we've been continuously updating the video categories with new Modules and Installation guides as mentioned in our last release note. We have quite a few videos left to add by end of this month and that will signal the end of our tutorial videos category. The videos cover the entire admin panel extensively, installation guides for all our supported platforms as well as enabling and using modules in order to extend PitchPrint's functionalities to achieve more features.

That's it for this week, enjoy the rest of your week from the PitchPrint team!😊