Hi allπŸ‘‹,

As always it's a pleasure for us to let you know what the team has been working on to make your experience on PitchPrint an even better one!

What's newπŸš€,

More 3D Models - We've added quite a few new models to our 3D studio that you and your customers can use freely at no additional costs at all. These are some of the categories that we cover:

Stationary, Beverage, Apparel, Photo Frames, Furniture, Signs, Kitchen Utensils, Packaging, Signs, Banners, Decor, Canvas & Promotional Items.

Most of the categories are completely new and for some of them we've just updated the 3D models inside the category to make them even more realistic.

Please have a quick look at some of the exciting models we've added below:

Beverage Containers
Signs, Promotional Items and Stationary
Photo Frames

Here's a link to the 3D design tutorial video under the Design category that will assist in guiding you on how to access our free 3D models and assigning them to a design.

We're still busy updating the categories as well as the models so keep your eyes peeled for more realistic 3D models coming your way soon!

EKM orders with customize file - The order tab for EKM in PitchPrint admin initially showed all orders placed on the website. We have now added this amazing new feature on the platform which assist in displaying orders where the customer used PitchPrint. This makes it so much easier for admin users because they only get the orders with a PitchPrint design attached to them.

We also fixed the following bugs:

EKM order file download and preview issue - We had an issue where the correct file was not showing when the file was being downloaded from the orders section on the PitchPrint admin. And we also had an issue where the incorrect preview for the PDF file was being shown in the orders section. We have now fixed both issues and the correct file will now be downloaded directly from the orders section, and the correct preview will be displayed correctly as well.

We've officially concluded all our tutorial videos covering the entire admin panel from designs, to resources to admin settings as well as installation guides and modules! We are excited and we know that this will be an awesome learning experience not only for our new customers but for all admins to unearth some hidden gems within our plugin and enhance their experience whilst also assisting them to be able to manoeuvre around the admin with ease.

That's it for this week, have a lovely weekend from the PitchPrint Team!😊