Hi allπŸ‘‹,

As always it's an absolute pleasure to keep you up to date with what our team has been working on to make your experience at PitchPrint even better.

What's newπŸš€,

Single Image for Template Color Module - In the past, our admin users had to upload a template image for every colour they wanted to use inside the Template Module feature. We've now implemented an amazing yet efficient feature that allows admin users to only upload one image(the template image needs to be white- please refer below for reference) and in addition choose the colours that they would like to have for the rest of the templates and it will then change the color of the template automatically whenever a new color is selected. Please have a look below on how to enable this feature:

Enable Tint Original Template >> then click add new color to add the colors which you would like to have available in the template color module >> select the color on the color picker or alternatively enter the hex value for the color and save.

Upload template image in this section inside the design
Enable Tint Original
Choose the color on the color picker

Upload image via data form on Mobile - The upload indicator in data form on mobile would only show after the customer uploaded the file. We've now added a new feature whereby the upload indicator field will always show whether it contains an image or not which will improve the UX on mobile devices.

Now onto our weekly bug fixes:

Sort duplicate design in alphabetical order - Previously, when admin users would copy a design to a different domain or category, the copied designs would not be sorted in an orderly fashion. We've fixed this issue and all duplicated designs will now appear in alphabetical order for ease of access.

Pagination on WIX : Recently we had an issue with WIX customers who were not able to access all of their products with ease in the admin especially those with a lot of product offerings on their e-commerce stores. We've added pagination at the bottom of the products page in PitchPrint to allow customers to manoeuvre between the sections of products they have on their website. Please have a look below for reference:

That's a wrap for this week but please do check our PitchPrint Community Forum where we are running a teaching series on our amazing product features, unearthing some of our product hidden gems etc. so that our customers get the best value for their subscription.

Be on the lookout for our weekly blog releases for some more exciting news about new features and bug fixes. Have a lovely weekend from the PitchPrint Team 😊