• Selective PDF Color rendering using tags - Special tags: rgb and cmyk have been reserved as color rendering instructions on a per-design level. So you can override the store's default rendering mode by adding either of these tags to your design. For instance, if the store is set to render PDFs in RGB, you can opt to render a select few in CMYK by adding the tag cmyk to those designs.
  • Large Button Style fixed in v10 - Option to show both Icon and Text on the left panel is included in v10
  • Edit Curved Text - Users can now edit curved texts by clicking on the pen icon or double clicking the text itself. Before this, you had to convert to a textbox first and convert back to curved text
  • Disable hide context menu in admin - Hide context menu is disabled while editing as admin
  • Mask our Bleed Area - This feature cuts off the bleed boundary when previewing the user design and in the rendered preview.
  • CMYK Support for v10 - This is available only in Distiller 1
  • Drag & Drop background images - Dragging a background image from the panel instead of clicking it hangs the loading process. Now users can either click or drag a background image and have it applied to the canvas.
  • Shape Stroke issue in PDF - Fixed issue where no-stroke on a drawn shape still prints out a stroke in the PDF

We do hope everyone is safe and sound; Praying for a speedy return to normal.

Keep well.