• Font loading - Fixed issue where the correct fonts assigned to a design did not load on the customers end. We had to re-write the font loading machanism to always pre-load all the fonts used in a design before the design is shown at all. And when a design selector module changes the design at runtime, we also updated the font list accordingly.
  • Bleed line color - Fixed issue where the bleed line color is not reflective of the value selected in settings, when a margin is applied.
  • Chain multiple masks - Users now have the ability to chain multiple masks, so when they add an image to one mask in the chain, the image is automatically cloned to the other masks bearing the same chain value. You may use any unique keyword as the chain value for your shape, as long as that same exact value is applied to the other shape(s).
  • Download PNG and JPEG - Users can now download PNG and JPEG in the front app. This feature requires the admin to reload the layout and re-save their styling.Annotation-2020-03-30-101858
  • Adding a new page prepends to front of page list - Fixed the issue whereby adding a new page to a project prepends the page to the front of the list instead of the back.

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