• Item Flip - We added vertical & horizontal flip for shapes and images.Annotation-2020-05-12-101635
  • Set Vectors as Background - Printers can now use a vector (SVG) as background images
  • PDF Commands - We started implementing pdf specific commands using design tags. The format is {pdf-operation-operand}. For now we have the join command for stringing two or more pages into a single PDF page.
    For instance, adding the following tag to a two paged design will join the pages side by side, horizontally: pdf-hjoin-1|2 The command is "hjoin", the operand is the pages separated by a pipe.
  • Grey border fixed - Fixed an issue whereby previews have a grey bounding border around the preview images.
  • Download PNG & JPEG in admin - Fixed the issue that prevents admins from downloading PNG or Jpegs while in the design editing environment