• Price Display - We implemented price display in v10; The app syncs your price from the product page on the top menu barAnnotation-2020-05-04-074610
  • No background Fill - Fixed a bug which occurs when no-color fill is set on a background
  • Color Chain - We added color chains to v10 - How to create color chains
  • Remove Un-Edited items - Added a new feature to Data Form module that removes any item that the customer did not edit.
  • Mask No-Constraints - Fixed bug that still constrains images inside a mask even when no-constraints was set
  • Page Lock - With this feature, you can lock an entire page so that customers do not change, delete or add elements to it, but gets printed in your PDF; Something like a static page

We are working on an advance layout builder feature for v10, coming next week.

Take care and keep safe!