Hi everyone! February has been a busy month for us; In preparation for growth, we moved into our new office. Photos coming soon 😊

Text Rules

These are set of features relating to Text elements on the canvas:
Text Anchor, Character Spacing and Text Cases

Text Anchor allows you to set a vertical anchor position for Text elements. We have Top (default), Middle and Bottom. This feature is useful to vertically-anchoring multi-line texts so for instance, a Textbox anchored to the bottom will stretch upwards as more lines are being added.

Character Spacing allows users to adjust horizontal spacing between each letter in a Textbox. Text Case makes it quicker to toggle from lowercase to upper case.

We have included these controls in the sticky context menu. To enable this in each store, admins will need to reload the latest Layout here

This has been set as the default in the admin but will not affect your store until you reload new layout. We needed to group the similar text controls under more (), because in inline display mode and on smaller PC screens, they get cut off for some users.

3D Views

3D views makes it possible for end customers to visualize their designs on an actual product with perspective in 3D.

You can view the 3D Studio here to create models and read more here

Color Profiles on V2 Distiller

Our version 2 PDF Distiller now allows you to set a destination ICC profile from a list in settings page. These profiles are not embedded but used in interpreting the RGB values to CMYK. We also added Render Intent for Image conversion in V2.

SVG Improvements

Our Version 1 distiller had a bug with SVG paths that contains subpath elements. As a result of this issue, certain SVGs render inaccurately. We were able to solve this issue and now render all SVG elements with high fidelity.

Should you have any issues with SVGs being rendered inaccurately, please do contact us. Our goal is to eventually merge both engines as we work to perfect them.

File Upload Types

This allows you to limit the types of files users can upload in the plugin (Outside the app). You can set this in settings page

We are finalizing licensing agreements for the new Image Editor as such, it's being delayed. We hope to bring it on board a few weeks from now: https://www.photoeditorsdk.com/