Hi guys, happy new month! Here's a note on what we've been working on for the past month.

Bulk design configuration

This allows you to apply a select list of configuration to all designs in a single category. This works a bit different from what we had in the prior version in that, you need to actively select which of the settings to apply, so it does not override all properties.

To apply this, simply navigate to your designs, open up a category and click the Bulk Configuration button under More Options. In the configuration dialog, you need to check-mark each setting you want applied to the designs.

Search Designs

Yes, you can now easily search designs using the design title. In our next release, we will implement tags so it gets even easier finding your designs.

Curved Texts

Curved Text allows you to create texts along an arc. To create one, you first need to create a regular Text, then click the Text tool to toggle between the 3 text modes: Text, Textbox and CurvedText.

The controls allow you to edit the curve radius and character spacing. A negative radius inverts the orientation of the arc.

A note: This requires you to Reload your Layout as well as Re-save your Styling

New Mobile Layout

We did some work decoupling the layouts so now you can create mobile or desktop layouts from our collection and uniquely assign them to your design. This system will, in future enable to us create different layouts targeting different devices and you can pick whichever best suits your taste or target audience for use.

To use the new Mobile layout, simply navigate to Layouts, click the Add New Layout button and there you have the option to select Phone 2. Please note for it to take effect, you need to assign this layout to your design in the design configuration:

We are still working to add more features such as modules to this layout but we will keep you posted and implement a notification system should your layouts be updated.

A note regarding Unsplash: We did fully integrate Unsplash. Unfortunately our submission was rejected as their guidelines wouldn't allow images to be used in prints without alterations.

Next Month..

  • Tag Designs, Assets and other resources
  • Photo Print 2 module
  • Import designs from PDF, Illustrator
  • In-App Help/Guide panel
  • New PDF Distiller with preflight

Thanks to you all and love from Cape town 😊