Hi All๐Ÿ‘‹,

We're always happy to inform you what we've been working on to make your experience with PitchPrint even better.

What's new๐Ÿš€,

Custom Mask over the entire Canvas ย - We added a feature that allows you to add any shape to the canvas and set it as a clip to cut area around the shape in the final PDF. In the past, our customers struggled with having the canvas in different shapes to accommodate their specific needs, our canvas could only be a rectangle or a square but this amazing feature is bringing all sorts of flexibility around our canvas by allowing the admin to add any desired shape to the canvas and anything inside that particular cutout/ shape will be printed according to the desired specifications and everything else outside of it will be automatically cut off.

You can enable this great feature with these easy steps โ€”> please go to designs, open your design and then add the desired shape to the canvas. Now once you have added the desired shape then โ€”> Go to Item, Add page-clip inside Tags, also enable Make Reference as shown on the screenshot below:

You should see the design cut everything around the shape and only show what's inside in the preview. Please save the design after making these changes.

PDF Layers - This feature allows you to specify on which PDF layer an element would sit in the final PDF based on what you specify in the design configuration. You can enable this in designs, open your design, click on the element, go to Item, then add the tags shown below to specify which pdf layer the element should be placed on:

You can add the following Tags to your design:

pdf:layer, pdf:CUT, pdf:no-print, pdf:no-view, pdf: lock, pdf:overprint.

You also have the option to specify many instructions at once as indicated below:


Anything that starts with pdf is an instruction that needs to be carried out on the final PDF file.

We also fixed the following:

Border Line Issue - Some of our clients reported that that they had an issue with the border lines in designs after they switched to v10, the border lines moved closer to the edge when downloading the PDF. We have now resolved this issue and all designs that contain borders should now be fixed.

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Be on the lookout for our upcoming weekly release next week where we will be announcing some more bug fixes and exciting new features!