Hi allπŸ‘‹,

It's been a minute, and as always it's an absolute pleasure for us to keep you updated with what our team has been working on to make your experience on PitchPrint even better!

What's newπŸš€,

Design selector search update - In our latest release note, we introduced enhancements to the design selector search feature discussed in our previous update. Now, users have the ability to search for designs using tags, design names, or even specific letters within a design name. When you assign tags to a design in the inside the PitchPrint admin, these tags become searchable criteria. Furthermore, the search function also allows you to find designs based on letters present within their design names. Below, we provide a few examples to illustrate these capabilities:

Search using a single letter
Search using tags assigned in design configuration
Search using specific design names

Customer Design previews on Wordpress - Kindly take note that this particular feature is exclusively accessible for Wordpress with Woocommerce. While we currently offer the ability to include a design file in an email, certain files may be excessively large to be easily opened or attached to an email. As a solution, we have introduced an exceptional feature that enables the attachment of design previews directly to the email on Wordpress. For further guidance on how to implement this functionality, please refer to the documentation available here.

Default background mode option - Previously, we used a default method to showcase the background mode. However, we have now introduced an exciting new feature that empowers the admin user to choose the default background mode when a new background is applied. This feature offers three options: fill, fit and stretch. With this enhancement, admins have greater flexibility in determining how backgrounds are displayed on the editor.

An example of STRETCH
An example of FIT
An example of FILL

Plenty new 3D models - We're thrilled to announce the addition of numerous new 3D models, particularly in the packaging category. Take a look at a selection of these exciting additions below:

We also fixed the following bugs:

Duplicate projects in the orders page on WIX - We've resolved an issue that was causing duplicate projects to appear on the orders page for all orders placed on products with variations enabled. With the fix in place, the orders page now displays the correct project(s) for each order, eliminating any previous instances of duplicates.

That's it for this week folks, until next time have a lovely and productive week from the PitchPrint team!😊